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Homeowners Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance Booklet – BCW has been working with Penn State to finalize a Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Maintenance Booklet funded by an EPA Chesapeake Bay Grant. This booklet aims to provide homeowners … Continue reading


Help Fund Our Urban Canopy

NEWS FOR RELEASE – March 20th, 2017

New Community Tree Partnership Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Plant City Trees

A new partnership has sprouted up with the goal of planting more trees in Lancaster City and engaging residents in the process. A collaborative effort, Lancaster Tree Tenders is an initiative of the Lancaster County Conservancy Urban Greening program with partners Lancaster City Alliance and the City of Lancaster. Their purpose is “To increase and enhance Lancaster’s urban forest by engaging and empowering neighborhoods to plant and care for trees”. Together, they are working to increase Lancaster City’s tree canopy cover from 28% to 40% within twenty-five years; this goal is part of the City’s Green Infrastructure Plan to help manage stormwater and create a more sustainable community.

“Have you ever planted a tree before?” asks the newly formed Lancaster Tree Tenders. And to that they respond, “We have!” In the last 18 months, the Lancaster Tree Tenders have helped plant 100 street trees and 350 saplings, identified over 500 planting locations, and mailed 1,000 letters offering free trees. In the process, they have engaged hundreds of volunteers who have received training and hands-on experience with planting trees. All of this work is being accomplished in close partnership with the City Stormwater Bureau and the City Arborist, Jim Bower.

It’s no secret that urban trees provide a multitude of benefits for people, the environment, and even businesses. Trees help reduce stormwater pollution, save on energy by reducing cooling costs, reduce air pollution, increase biodiversity, and beautify neighborhoods. The group also points to studies that have shown trees increase pedestrian traffic in shopping areas, reduce crime, and help instill a sense of community pride.

They encourage people to support their mission by donating to their crowdfunding campaign kicking off the first day of spring, March 20th. Go to to find out how to donate and get involved. Another way to get involved is by coming to “A Night of Short Films” about the importance of trees around the world. Check out the event here.

They encourage other kinds of involvement too, such as sharing their information via social media, personally inviting friends to donate, joining one of their planting events, and planting a tree. Each contribution insures that more trees get planted in the City of Lancaster.

To Donate Click here !



Local Leaders, News

Lancaster wins National Environmental Achievement Award

Congratulations to the City of Lancaster, PA Government and especially the Director of Public Works, Charlotte Katzenmoyer!! The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recognized the City with a National Environmental Achievement Award in Tampa, Florida. The City continues to be an award winning leader in the field of stormwater management.

Check out all of the city’s green infrastructure projects and initiatives here!

Local Leaders

Introducing the Stormwater Program Manager!

Photograph courtesy of Dan Marschka of LNP

SaveIt! is proud to introduce the City’s Stormwater Program Manager, Ruth Hocker, who leads the City’s nationally recognized green infrastructure program.

Hocker, was recently named chair of American Society of Civil Engineers’ Municipal Water Infrastructure Council. In the position, she will oversee four committees whose research helps municipalities tackle environmental and infrastructure challenges.

Read more about what Ruth does to implement green infrastructure in Lancaster City and protect our watersheds in her feature in the Lancaster Newspaper.


Lancaster city logs its 9,000 public trees in searchable database


Douglas Smith, the city's sustainability coordinator and Philip Johnson a city geographic information systems staffer

Douglas Smith, the city’s sustainability coordinator and Philip Johnson a city geographic information systems staffer

The City of Lancaster has made available an online searchable database of some 9,000 trees along streets and in public parks. The database represents a huge step in our ability to manage the health and resiliency of our urban forest.

Green dots indicate individual trees. Click on one to find what species it is, its health and, if known, when it was planted. Purple and lavender squares represent existing and potential tree planting sites. Some kinks are still being worked out and more search functions will eventually be added.

To read more about how and why the new database is causing a buzz check out the article in the Lancaster Newspaper here.

Check out the searchable database here.




F&M works on Franklin Terrace Riparian Buffer


PSSI students work to clear invasive plants from Franklin Terrace.

PSSI students work to clear invasive plants from Franklin Terrace.
Photo Courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College.

On Wednesday morning, F&M students, along with Lancaster County Conservancy Volunteer and Master Naturalist, Linda Ferich, helped remove invasive plant species from the riparian buffer along the Conestoga Greenway Trail.

Residents of Franklin Terrace and other community members helped plant 120 native trees along the Greenway Trail back in 2013 to create a riparian buffer that collects storm-water runoff and helps keep our Conestoga clean!

Photo courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College.

Photo courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College.

The Public Service Summer Interns with F&M’s Ware Institute for Civic Engagement were just the most recent of many volunteers that have helped create and maintain this beautiful and important installation along our precious waterway.

Work is always needed to help maintain the Franklin Terrace buffer. If you or an organization you are apart of would like to volunteer some time to this cause please contact Fritz Schroeder, Direct of Urban Greening at the Lancaster County Conservancy at

06-29 PSSI Terrace Cleanup 07 dg

Photo courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College.

Photo courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College.

Photo courtesy of Deb Grove, Office of Communications, Franklin & Marshall College


Tree Tenders Training! 6/23

Wonder how we maintain thousands of trees in the urban environment? Join thousands of other concerned citizens like yourself. Become a Tree Tender and help increase tree canopy cover in your community. Tree Tenders® is a training program that empowers concerned residents to make dramatic strides towards restoring and caring for the tree canopy in their communities. The course is designed for lay people and experts alike. Become one of the Tree Tenders restoring and tending your part of the forest. Instruction is provided by DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry, in partnership with Penn State Extension, PHS, and other local urban forestry experts.

Upcoming Class offered by Penn State Extension:

June 23 – Elizabethtown, PA – 8 AM to 4 PM  (Register online at










Tree Tenders training includes:

-Tree Biology

-Urban Stresses on Trees

-Tree Identification

-Tree Pruning and Root Care

-Tree Planting Techniques

-Community Organizing



Innovative Ideas – Nashville

Green Infrastructure Plan for Nashville

Visit the Conservation Fund to learn more about this project.