Residential Grants

The City of Lancaster and Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay are excited to announce the Save It Residential Grant Program.

Save It! Residential grants are intended to stimulate on the ground projects that align with our goals to create a measurable impact on water quality in the City of Lancaster. Lancaster City needs to save 750 million gallons of water annually from entering its combined sewer system – that’s the system that collects wastewater from your home as well as rainwater. When it rains, stormwater runs off rooftops, sidewalks, and driveways into a green infrastructure technology (rain garden, permeable paver, dry well). The water soaks into an above ground rain garden or below ground stone bed where it filters through the soil and is absorbed by plants.

To learn more about how you can qualify and to review the grant application please click below.

Save It! Residential Grant Application

City of Lancaster Small Projects Application

Residential / Small Projects Brochure