Thanks to our friends at Natural Light Films and financial support through the Environmental Education fund at the Department of Environmental Protection, the Lancaster County Conservancy (formerly LIVE Green) in partnership with the City of Lancaster are excited to present a series of films documenting the Green Infrastructure work underway here in Lancaster City.

Planting Trees in Lancaster City.  More information on this project can be found here.

Residential green infrastructure solutions in the City of Lancaster.

32% of the City’s paved over impervious areas are parking lots.  Add streets, alley’s and sidewalks and you begin to see that a strategy to address paved surfaces is necessary in order for the City of Lancaster to address it’s Combined Sewer Overflows.

There are over 77,000 square feet of vegetative ‘green’ roofs in Lancaster City.  Learn about this emerging technology and the people who are making it happen !

Lancaster City needs to save 750 million gallons of water annually from entering its combined sewer system – that’s the system that collects wastewater from your home as well as rainwater. We need to Save It! to preserve clean drinking water, avoid costly fines and continue to build a healthy, vibrant community.